joy_tyler_0151ABOUT PAUL JOY

I’m proud to be the host of the ‘Conversations That Count’ series of podcasts. I’m married to Sharon and we have three fantastic kids who help keep us grounded. I’m currently¬†the School Chaplain at Yarra Valley Grammar in Ringwood, Victoria. It’s a job that I love!¬†I have been an educator working in Victorian schools for almost 20 years and have met some amazing people and had some fascinating conversations along the journey. I enjoy finding out what motivates people into action and decided that more people could benefit from the tips and guidance offered by people taking action.

The ‘Conversations That Count Today’ podcasts are an ever-increasing library of conversations with interesting people who offer insights, tips, motivation and action points to help listeners fully become the person they were created to be. The first series of podcasts is about how to tackle the VCE (Year 12) and we intend to build from there.

My aim is to help the people I come in contact with in whatever way I can. I am motivated and strengthened by my Christian faith and endeavour to be encourage and support others. These podcasts are another way I hope to help.

Let me encourage you to have ‘Conversations That Count Today!’

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