VCE Conversations That Count Today – PODCAST

CTCT round in square‘VCE Conversations That Count Today’ is a weekly podcast designed to assist current VCE students and soon to be VCE students. Parents will find some of the information really useful too!

Download the podcast directly from this site or find us in iTunes and subscribe to ensure you don’t miss an episode.

Each episode will be a conversation between Paul Joy as host, and a VCE expert – current student, recent graduate, VCE teachers, coordinators and School leaders. They will share their insights and provide valuable tips and strategies for how to be your best during your VCE years.

Listen in and make it count – today!


3 thoughts on “VCE Conversations That Count Today – PODCAST

  1. Excited to listen in to the first episode! I hope the tips and guidance helps students for their VCE studies, but also for the lessons of life!

    1. Hi Paul,
      This is awesome well done.
      I am planning on using it in my year 12 CS classes. Perhaps at some stage in the year you could pop in and have a chat with them – visit my class.
      Is it possible to have a time counter on the podcasts online. Are they all the same length(haven’t listened to them all yet) Helpful to know times for planning lessons!
      Good on you. Love Kellie

      1. Thanks Kellie, appreciate your support and glad you found some helpful guidance for your students. If you subscribe via iTunes you won’t miss an episode & most of the podcast players (Apps) give you the time played and time remaining. Average length is 30 mins, although VCE006 with Jack Roberts is around 40 mins.
        Let me know how you go, Paul

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